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Marcia Peck talks 'Water Music'

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Readers will enjoy this tense, atmospheric family drama.

…an evocative exploration of family, resilience, and the redemptive power of music. It’s a must-read, certain to resonate with a wide range of readers.

…masterful family drama…  
Lush, memory-driven story of family life in mid-century Cape Cod.

All in all, this is both a heartwarmer and a heartbreaker of a book...a touching, alternately heartwarming and heartbreaking tale of family strife and love—told with the innocent wistfulness of a child’s perspective and set in the breathtaking loveliness of a Cape Cod summer. extraordinary standout. It also deserves strong recommendation to all manner of book club reading groups, from those interested in modern women's fiction to others considering the descriptive elements which elevate a story from mundane to exceptional.

Bittersweet, captivating; an extraordinary achievement.

This deeply felt tale of love, marriage, relationships, and familial ties is a triumph.

...a spellbinding story; the lyrical writing moves the story in ways that are wonderful and the author’s ability to create fascinating dialogues will have readers enthralled.

...a fascinating coming-of-age novel...


…a powerful portrait of the intricate relationships…


...features lyrical prose, intriguing characters, and a setting that is so finely drawn that readers will feel as though they were part of it.

Highly Recommended


This is an inspirational story and one that is not easily forgotten.


An Inspirational Story Not to Miss.


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